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Tour Our Home - Ashton Manor

Maid's Room
Night Nursery
Ashton Manor Floor Layout Back
Day Nursery

Master Bedroom

Cook's Bedroom

Drawing Room

Drawing Room
Dining Room
Kitchen/Servant's Entrance Kitchen

Now that you've had some time to get settled into your rooms and don your Victorian garb, let's begin with a tour of my home. Like most Victorians, we are extremely concerned about what other people think of us so, we have tried to create a home that is fashionably furnished, inviting and comfortable.

As I mentioned earlier, my husband, Laurence, is a physician so we chose to stay in London. With assistance from both our families, we were able to purchase this terraced-house in the "fashionable" West End. It is adjoined to another and is situated at the end of a private road which is blocked off by a gate. As you noticed when you arrived, there is a guard posted at the gate to keep out the "undesirables" (beggars and street vendors). Behind the house, we have a garden and a small yard. We are close to some very nice parks, fashionable shops and theaters.

Above is a "mapping" of our house. We will be visiting several of these rooms individually. To begin, just click on the room you wish to visit.

Pearl button link to The Parlour Parlour Pearl button link to the Dining Room Dining Room Pearl button link to the Drawing Room Drawing Room
Pearl button link to the Master Bedroom Bed Chamber Pearl button link to the Kitchen Kitchen Pearl button link to The Water Closet Water Closet
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