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1837 Queen Victoria ascends to the throne
Charles Dickens published The Pickwick Papers and gained instant notariety
1838 Charles Dickens published Oliver Twist
Brunel built the "Great Western, a paddle steamer. Made the Bristol/New York crossing in under 15 days.
1840 Queen Victorian married her cousin Prince Albert
The Penny Post went into effect
1843 Charles Dickens publishes A Christmas Carol. Sold out completely in 6 days.
1844 The potato famine began in Ireland
1845 Brunel built the S. S. Great Britain, the first propeller driven steamship.
1849 Charles Dickens published David Copperfield.
1851 The Great Exhibition of 1851 was held at the Crystal Palace which was especially built to house this exhibition. Six million tickets sold.
1853 Crimean war breaks out
1854 Florence Nightgale goes to Crimea to organize the nursing during the war
1856 Crimean war ends
1859 Charles Dickens published A Tale of Two Cities which was based on the French Revolution of 1789
Brunel dies
Charles Darwin published the controversial "Origin of the Species"
1860 Florence Nightgale published the first nursing textbooks
Charles Dickens published Great Expectations, considered to be his best novel
1861 Prince Albert died from Typhoid fever at the age of 42
1867 Disraeli introduces a law giving voting rights to taxpayers.
1868 Disraeli became Prime Minister, at post only a few months
Last shipment of criminals from England to Australia
1870 Charles Dickens dies
1874 Disraeli became Prime Minister for second time and governs until 1880
1875 Disraeli purchases Suez Canal shares gaining the controlling interest for Britain
1876 Disraeli gives the title "Empress of India" to Queen Victoria
1877 The telephone, the invention of Alexander Graham Bell, became available
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. First recording and playback was "Mary had a little lamb"
1879 The electric light bulb was invented by American Thomas Edison
1881 Disraeli died
1885 First automobile built by Karl Benz
1888 Jack the Ripper terrorized the East End of London
1893 New Zealand became first country to give women the right to vote
1901 Queen Victoria died
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